Reasons for choosing Gym Factory:

⌛ Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: from 8:00 till 21:45
Saturday - Sunday: from 9:00 till 21:00 (the only gym in the region, which works that long during the weekends!)

✔ Price: 
The price is only €24.95 per month! With monthly subscription you can do sports for seven days a week for unlimited time and have access to unlimited participation in different group lessons. 

✉ Group lessons:
> Gym Factory offers Pink Boxing, Cross Boxing, Kickboxing, Insane and Core  workouts. There are also separated groups for women and kids! Also, such workouts as UX Cross Functional Training and BBB workouts are available (more information can be found on the website). 
> All of the workouts are run by the experienced staff! 

☯ Cozy atmosphere and helpful people around.

✈ Modern and motivating music. 
Gym Factory is very careful about choosing the right music, so the playlists were created by our own members in order to make it enjoyable for everyone! 

☻ Support. 
Gym Factory employees are always ready to help you! If you need any assistance or explanation, feel free to ask one of the Gym Factory crew members. 

★ Equipment. 
Gym Factory offers the best en the most extensive range of gym trainers, you can find the right trainer for every muscle! The biggest en most specialized Gym in the Region.

▶ Free try. 
If you are confused about joining Gym Factory, you can always have the first free trial visit. 

See you at Gym Factory!